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As part of your membership in the Healthcare Reform Resource Center, you will receive healthcare reform alerts, updating you on the latest in healthcare reform as it happens. Stay ahead of the competition and be among the first people to learn about any changes in the healthcare reform.

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The combination of final rules, delays and errors has made a confusing law even more troublesome. The Healthcare Reform Compliance Kit is your solution to ensuring you and your clients are in accordance with the ACA, and avoiding costly fines and penalties.


If you have questions about the ACA, you’re not alone. The FAQs are your source to find the answers you need. You can view hundreds of questions and answers to common ACA questions and learn the common issues people are having with the ACA, and avoid them before they affect you.

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Have a specific question you need answered now? The Ask the Experts page will let you ask that question and receive an answer, usually within 24 hours. You can ask the questions that are specific to your client or company’s unique situation and needs.

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